Android Legacy
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Android Legacy #1

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Android Legacy

Another collaboration with photographer Louis Konstantinou for an exhibition project and another Fantasio girl!
Inspired by the work of Michael Oswald and the movie Tron legacy, I found the pose of the model Gianna perfectly fitting to illustrate some kind of augmented reality in a "Tron"colored - environment. I always wanted to do some Android, Sexy Robot / Gyndroid, so here it is;-)

The title "Android Legacy" contains also some subject to think about as also the "google-screen" she seems to be typing on: The electronical powers that surrounds are useful and lead to an advanced lifestyle, but makes us also slaves to the technology. This image does pretty much show that we can be sophisticated and perfect as we want to, but depending on a search engine because we forget so much.

Personally I think the internet and technology is a useful addition to our lives (if we have one) but its important to NOT be its slave !

Technique digital painting / Photoshop CS5 / 20 hours

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