She's my girl - Leyendecker + Darkstalkers + Streetfighter

Oliver wetter ds vs sf eyendecker she is my girl small w text
Oliver wetter leyendecker she is my girl big

Process GIF

Oliver wetter grid overlay leyendecker she is my girl big

Composition Study Grid Overlay

Oliver wetter signature leyendecker she is my girl big

The original signature is still in there, it moved to the front of the book.

This is my entry/contribution for the SF-vs-DS call for art from Udon Entertainment:

Definitely not the stuff that everybody does, but I wanted to do Morrigan and I always wanted to do a Leyendecker tribute; there you go ;)
The reference piece for this work from Leyendecker can be found here:

As always, patrons will receive a hi-res version and a process-GIF at the beginning of March.

Watch the process GIF to see how much work this still was even though it is "just" an inceptionism overpainting study;)
The Grid overlay shows very good which Golden Rectangle Leyendecker used, since the composition is pretty perfect with all the enclosures and diagonals, my main effort was to work within these boundaries to not destroy that perfect balance but to build on that instead.

Thanks for your support,