Miss ‚Widowmaker‘ Muffet - Overwatch + Brom Double Fanart

Oliver wetter widowmaker web text
Oliver wetter widowmaker process big

Widowmaker Process GIF

Oliver wetter widowmaker underpainting small

Widowmaker Underpainting

Next Overwatch piece done and first piece for June, yay!
This piece is based on an older Brom painting/pose from a piece called Miss Muffet. I loved that stance and felt like it was made for the character Widowmaker from the game Overwatch.
A weird character that is obviously scared by a big spider - to me this picture talks about our own very prejudices.
Hope you like.
You can see and download the process gif here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/5565143?alert=1.
It is painted from scratch in Photoshop and took around 11 hours, it was a lot fun to work in this style - in fact so much, I could do a ton of these ;)
Patreons will get the PSD, underpaintings, process gif and hi-res jpeg - depending on pledge.