Howls moving castle at Staubbach Falls / Switzerland
Howls moving castle at Staubbach Falls / Switzerland

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Hayao Miyazaki meets Albert Bierstadt!

The landscape is heavily based on a painting from Albert Bierstadt
The work is in Public Domain, according to:…
What does that mean?…

Actually the jpegs of this specific work for reference, were in such a bad quality that I had to paint the whole image from scratch - a nice test for me and I created some useful brushes along the way. Since I had no usable hi-res source, I hope you can accept the little flaws in it, most stuff is painted from imagination and my personal interpretation of huge jpeg-artifacts ;)

I like popculture and I love traditional art, so this project came so naturally to me and since the paintings are public domain, no one was harmed, not even the original paintings!

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