Magpie & Tardis / Monet Inceptionism
Oliver wetter tardis wallpaper after claude monet

Inceptionism 2019

Oliver wetter claude monet the magpie google art project

Original from 1869

Oliver wetter repeating diagonal

Repeating diagonal

Oliver wetter original enclosures

Enclosures - Original

Oliver wetter additional new enclosure

Enclosures - New

Magpie & Tardis / Monet Inceptionism

My statement with this piece is that it is one of the rarely good works from Monet before he got too impressionstic. Like with my other inceptionism pieces, I studied the original composition of this work „The Magpie“ from around 1868-1869 thoroughly.

There are a lot of directional lines going on, but there was this annoying diagonal that is the shadow line of the fence. I changed that to a stronger diagonal, starting at the upper left corner down to the lower right corner.

Also the magpie is the focal point in the original, framed by the fence door, so I had to create another focal point that has equally strong contrasts so the looks can go back and forth between those two points.

The Snowshovel was necessary to repeat the diagonal line from the fence gate (the right line from the "V") and to create that extra contrast to add to the eye-height of the Magpie.

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