Lara Croft meets Overwatch
Lara Croft meets Overwatch

Lara Croft in the style and look of Overwatch. It does not quite show through in all pieces but the general gist is there.

Done with Stable Diffusion beta, raw output!

This is kind of a Concept-dump where I collect concepts about one certain output to a certain prompt, the main prompt is in the title.
The posting of these works also serves as an social-media experiment and will give my insights back in a blog post on my website.

I have created a distinctive artstyle just for this, based on the style of Gil Elvgren and Greg Manchess and it works great in combination with Overwatch as keyword, so that is the reason I follow this pattern in case you wonder;).

A word about usage; you can use these images as profile images and for posts, articles, reposts on your favorite social-media platform etc. However, a link back to my IG or Artstation is much appreciated.

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