Miss ‚Widowmaker‘ Muffet - Overwatch + Brom Double Fanart
Oliver wetter widowmaker web text
Oliver wetter widowmaker process big

Widowmaker Process GIF

Oliver wetter widowmaker underpainting small

Widowmaker Underpainting

Miss ‚Widowmaker‘ Muffet - Overwatch + Brom Double Fanart

Instagram: http://instagram.com/arsfantasio

Next Overwatch piece done and first piece for June, yay!
This piece is based on an older Brom painting/pose from a piece called Miss Muffet. I loved that stance and felt like it was made for the character Widowmaker from the game Overwatch.
A weird character that is obviously scared by a big spider - to me this picture talks about our own very prejudices.
Hope you like.
You can see and download the process gif here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/5565143?alert=1.
It is painted from scratch in Photoshop and took around 11 hours, it was a lot fun to work in this style - in fact so much, I could do a ton of these ;)
Patreons will get the PSD, underpaintings, process gif and hi-res jpeg - depending on pledge.

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