Even though I'm more busy and independent than ever, working on my own projects, it is possible to get a custom artwork for your project.

Feel free to get in contact for Book Cover, Advertising Illustration, Interactive Media, Game Assets & Poster art.

Please note that I'm currently not able to relocate for jobs. I can only offer to work freelance.

I've worked for large companies such as Risk-Analytics and self-publishing authors. I know about the different needs and I'm happy to provide you with everything you'll need in the process - up to the delivery of the final artwork.

If you are NOT an Art Director or have not worked with artists before, don't fear; read this article to get some information about what you need to know in order to hire an artist.

Important: If you just need a quote on a project and the art you need is something any artist can do, please save both of us time and ask "any artist". I mostly work for my own business these days and if possible, I will only collaborate on projects that are challenging, exciting and matching exactly my skills. If you come to the conclusion, that I am the right and only person to ask, we should talk.

You can use my contact form for a non-committal quote on your project.

Or you can contact me directly at: fantasio[at]outlookl[dot]de
(If you have to send images along with your briefing or inquiry.)

Terms of use / Privacy Policy can be found here:

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