Style Portfolio

Handpainted Inceptionism

Personal Work.
These double-homages are based on existing works and styles. Pastiche with a twist. Mostly it is classical work, but sometimes contemporary, combined with a pop-culture franchise. The main challenge was to keep the beauty of the referenced masterpiece and establish a relevant, transformative new work out of it.


Android Legacy Series 

Personal Work / Commissioned.
This series of original artworks are based on photographs, collaborations with photographers and models and are inspired by literature and movies like Ghost in the Shell and Tron Legacy.


Character and Creature Design

Commissioned work.
These original artworks are created for clients (mostly) and reflect me raising the bar with my set of tools available. My main focus with creature and character design is Photoshop, Zbrush and Keyshot.


The Ancient Kaiju Project 

Personal Work.
This ongoing series is based on existing 19 century paintings similar to the "Handpainted Inceptionism" works. The main intention was learning and studying how the old masters used light and brush strokes to their advantages. Again, pastiche with a twist.


Portrait Painting 

Personal work.
This set of images are a personal challenge, most often it is me wrestling with the square-format, composition and impressionism.
These images are based on photographs for reference but the challenge is to have the photo just as a starting point and develop a personal version of what I see in the models, which is often muchly different. 


The Dark Realm

Personal Work.
This set of images are partially contribution for the "Dark Realm Collective" but also personal projects and mini-series that tackle the dark side and allow for raising the bar in combining digital painting with photomanipulation and 3d design to a novel experience for both, the viewer and me as artist.


Fantasio Girls

Personal Work.
This personal ongoing series is a tribute to the female beauty. My understanding of aesthetics demands to show very often strong women most likely from an alternative fantasy-universe. 


Book cover Art

Commercial work.
This is a small overview of Horror, Science Fiction and Fantasy Book Cover Projects I was Involved with.


This Gallery is an outlet about my ongoing AI / Human collaborative journey.

The images shown here are heavily edited, re-painted and experimented with, to meet my personal standards but not perfect by any means. It's a playground for ideas and for study. The more I work with these tools, the more I see the flaws it produces, curating outputs and directing the AI brings some fun back into the work and helps to stay in "creative" shape.

Here you can read my mission statement about AI-usage.



  • 17 "Daily Deviation" awards (
  • Bronze award InfectedByArt competition
  • 2x Excellence accolade 2013 & 2014
  • Phönix award SOTY (Site of the year) 2010
  • Phönix Gold award 2010
  • Excellence award ballistic Exposé #8  
  • 4x CGhub Gold awards
  • 5 Star artist rating from
  • CGArena excellence award
  • Advanced Photoshop magazince Cover Competition runner -up
  • #1 winner on Original Snowboard Art competition


  • Work and tutorial featured in Digital Paintbook Vol. 3
  • 2 Artworks featured in Infected by Art Book #5
  • 1 Artworks featured in Infected by Art Book #4
  • 2 Artworks featured in Infected by Art Book #3
  •  1 Artwork featured in Lürzer´s 200 best digital artists worldwide 2015/16
  • 8 Artworks featured in Infected by Art Book #2
  • Work and tutorial featured in Digital Paintbook Vol. 2
  • 3 Artworks featured in Infected by Art Book #1
  • Published in Advanced Photoshop Magazine #111
  • Published in Advanced Photoshop Magazine #100
  • Published on the cover of the Professional Photoshop Book
  • Published on the cover of Advanced Photoshop Premium Coll. #8
  • Featured in Prime Art Book and Prime Wars, by 3D Total
  • Interview and feature in “der bildbearbeiter” German Advanced Photoshop Magazine
  • Work and tutorial featured in Digital Paintbook Vol. 1
  • 5 works featured in Machines and Magic edited by Craig Musselman
  • Featured work in Exposé 2, 3, 4, 8 + 9 by Ballistic publishing
  • Erotic Fantasy Art – vol.2 by Ilex Press
  • Featured artist in ImagineFX issue 65
  • 2 artworks in “Gothic Art now” edited by Jasmine Becket Griffith foreword by Gerald Brom 


  • Wizards of the Coast / Hasbro
  • ACME Archives LLC  (Dark Ink / Star Wars)
  • Kraken Wargames
  • Griffon Lore Games
  • The Upper Deck
  • Modiphius Games
  • Risk Analytics LLC.
  • HarperCollins Germany
  • Randomhouse
  • Randomhouse Audio
  • Fischer Scherz Verlag
  • Droemer Knaur
  • Klett Cotta / Hobbit Presse
  • Bastei Lübbe
  • Piper Verlag
  • Imagine Publishing
  • ATB / Aufbau Taschenbuch Verlag
  • Innsmouth Free Press
  • Pendo Verlag
  • Weltbild Verlag
  • Ullstein Verlag
  • W&V Magazin / GmbH
  • Wildside Press
  • Delight Games LLC.