Portrait Study Jan 2018
Portrait Study Jan 2018

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Woot! My first personal drawing in 2018, yay!!
Somehow I could not start something. Actually there is no creative block whatsoever, I did work on 2 commissions, but... I used to put some inspiring photos on my desk just waiting to be drawn for exercise such as this lovely portrait from Plasticstars - https://plastikstars.deviantart.com/art/Leave-a-curse-on-your-lips-136963162 but somehow I never came around doing them...

About the portrait; I know it has not much likeness to the model, but I am in reduction mode or "simplify mode" and for that I wanted to get the general mood and gist of the image as fast as possible, rather than a likeness. But fast is relative, rusted me took about 2 hours for this drawing / painting whatsoever ... ;)

I need to exercise mooooore:P

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