Cebra Girl: Hunter or Prey? (Pinup Art)
Oliver wetter cebra girl final web

The final version

Oliver wetter cebra girl small

Some of you may remember my sketch for the Cebra-Girl about 2 years ago or so...

Oliver wetter cebra girl closeup

Here is a little close-up:

cebra girl Process slides

Cebra Girl: Hunter or Prey? (Pinup Art)


I managed to create some new addition to my Fantasio Girls portfolio; especially the Anthro-inspired category :)
I decided to create a color scheme that fits nicely to the other 2 pieces in that particular series which you can see here:

The pose is inspired by a sequence from a music clip from Gesaffelstein
wich you can watch here:

Now if you look close enough you will realize that these are hunters-pupils and that is right.
I realized that in order to fit the series it does not have to be a valid and anatomical correct concept, instead I went as crazy with the idea as possible and put into question what everyone take (that hunters do hunt and prey is...well prey :).

Oh and the bow is based on an original design by Lanetary from Sketchfab.
You can support me on Patreon btw, find the post over there as well:

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