Dreamy Portrait Study
Impressionism Portrait Study

Impressionism Portrait Study

portrait 01 feb process slide

Dreamy Portrait Study

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Portrait Study from Photo: https://de.pinterest.com/pin/308004061989523431/
Tried to get my hands on a more sophisticated approach to create an impressionistic finish on my paintings. In the next weeks there will pop-up a lot more colorful approaches like this, hopefully you don´t mind ;)

Thanks for the support and the rewards will include a process GIF and Hires Version of this piece.

Since there is no big demand on PSD files I will exclude them from the rewards from now on.
Since they are for tier $10 only I might save the hassle to prepare the files and provide PSD's only upon inquiry.

Cheers, Oliver

I hope you like!
Thanks for watching and your support, my patrons are the best!

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