Circe - Mother of Pokemon
Circe - Mother of Pokemon

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Waterhouse meets Pokemon!
Finally there it is! This one was more work than it should have been, on the other hand, I´m so busy with projects, I feared I would never finish it:P

In this piece I had to recreate the whole painting as most sources where nearly unusable and I believe even the original looks unfinished in parts of the background. I took the liberty to finish and improve the painting where necessary and build a story with the little creatures around it that is different than the actual story of Circe. In the original painting called Circe Invidiosa Waterhouse meant to display greek mythology in which Circe was about to poison the water to turn Scylla into a monster. What lies closer to this than to add monsters to this painting that are starving for some kind of elixir?
There is also a workshop about composition that my dear patrons will be able to download.

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