Tempus Findal - Character Illustration
Oliver wetter tempus findal 2 final

Tempus Findal Character Illustration

Oliver wetter tempus findal wallpaper a3

Wallpaper / Landscape Format version

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Work In Progress shot

Tempus Findal - Character Illustration

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In his latest book, "The Shadow tech Goddess", Ren Garcia discusses a monster, and extra-planar creature known as the Tempus Findal, and it is a thorn in the hero's side up until the very end of the book.

This was a commissioned promotional piece for Ren Garcia and a real challenge. Find out more about his work: http://thetempleoftheexplodinghead.wordpress.com/
It took probably too long to get this done (around 2 weeks), but it was a lot of fun too, learned a lot about texturing and fashion design. Researched a lot of different designs and material to recreate a new completely original and unique outfit just for this character illustration.

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