Luna and Nova: DTIYS
Luna and Nova: DTIYS

Brushes, Prints & more:
Since I got the confirmation that this project received a second Artist-Grant, I want to celebrate that with a DTIYS- Challenge over at Instagram:

If you are an artist, read on, if not no problem😉tag an artist-friend who you think would like to join!

Here are the „rules“:
🌙Redraw or paint this image in your own style. Look at my previous 2 posts to have different views of the OC‘s
🌙Post my illustration as second slide in your post.
🌙Tag me in your work or link me via @arsfantasio
🌙Use the hashtag #Lunaandnova
Deadline is October 15th 2020
I know I have not participated in dtiys challenges, and do you know why?

Because I don’t have a style, I rather draw in someone else’s style, that way I can think about what would look best to nail that particular concept.
 I really believe this piece can easily look far better by someone who fosters a unique style :)

The image is inspired by a stock image that I acquired from Depositphotos, just in case you are curious ;)

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