Android Legacy III
Oliver wetter android legacy iii 1eb

Android Legacy III

Android Legacy III Cyborg Speed-Retouching-Demo

Android Legacy III


This one is a personal piece I did for my portfolio and as screencast to record my process which can be found here:
I had to do something with the photograph but wasn´t quite sure what, so I found it would be useful to catch up on the Android/Cyborg topic and explain frank and visually what I did in the written tutorials which you can find in "Advanced Photoshop Magazine" & "der bildbearbeiter".

Actually I recorded the video for my class to discuss the topic of Photomanipulation and High-End-Retouching, but found that it won´t harm to put something new up on my YT -channel.

The total time to finish this was about 1 hour 50 Minutes, OK it´s not perfectly finished but you get the idea on how it´s done. Fast forward in 12 minutes

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