Laputa: Castle In The Sky Over Achensee
Oliver wetter laputa castle in the sky over achensee 1920x1200wp

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Laputa: Castle In The Sky Over Achensee

Worked on-and-off on this one to have it finished as a patreon reward for June, there you go!

It is another piece for my "Ancient Kaiju" series, the title is a just my personal description, inhabitated landscape or a new artform like "inceptionism" might fit as well here.

The original painting, on which the background is based, is from Franz Richard Unterberger (1838 - 1902) called "Achensee with view on Scholastika".

This one is based on the Ghibli movie, not the Jonathan Swift novel ;)
Hope you like.

My dear patrons will exclusively get:
- a process sheet
- Hi-res printable version
- Bigger Wallpaper (2560x1440px) without text

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