Hana d.va Song
Oliver wetter d va hana song web text

final piece

Oliver wetter d va hana song underpainting


Oliver wetter d va hana song web process big


Hana d.va Song

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Thought I did not make it before the release, but here it is, actually along with the official Overwatch release, I hope you like.
Will do a wallpaper probably soon but I also have another Overwatch piece in mind, no idea if I get to finish it in time, there is another convention this upcoming weekend ;) If you are in Germany and have nothing better to do, the RPC is the place to be - https://www.facebook.com/events/567253366759915/

The process Gif can be seen and downloaded here: https://www.patreon.com/posts/overwatch-d-va-5524393 (For patrons only)

Patrons also see Work in progress shots before anyone else, get a package with underpainting, a process gif, Hi-res JPEG and PSD file, depending on pledge, check www.patreon.com/fantasio for more perks.

Thanks for your consideration
Cheers fant

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