Godzilla in the Mountains

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Godzilla in the Mountains

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What a coincidence that the new Godzilla is coming to cinemas soon;)

I did only paint the Kaiju in Photoshop from scratch, not the whole Landscape!
The landscape is a painting from Herrmann Herzog.

Actually the intention behind this is to learn from the old masters, this way I spend around 50 hours in a painting which is a valuable lesson in learning structures, lighting and composition. The version of Godzilla is based on what I have found on references, part is from collectible kits of the original version from 1954, the rest is painted as I saw fit.

I like popculture and I love traditional art, so this project came very naturally to me and since the paintings are‚ public domain‚ no one was harmed, not even the original paintings!

More on my blog: http://fantasiox.blogspot.de/2014/05/the-ancient-kaiju-project.html

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