Brom Tribute - Fullmetal Alchemist - Crossing Swords
Brom Tribute - Fullmetal Alchemist - Crossing Swords

Brushes, Prints & more:
This is a piece of a prospective new series: „What if this artist drew that?“
The first purpose is a two-way homage towards the artist and to the series. I was just watching FMA the other day and thought „how badass would they look if they were painted by Brom…“

Please accept my apology that Ed looks very different to match the „Brom-look“ more. I feel somehow that the second sword almost instantly reflects the time in which the series is playing.

The second purpose is learning and of course bringing the fun back into painting;)

The learning aspect of this is enormous, because it allows me to not only study exactly the composition and color palette, but to think with the whole body of work in mind and composition skills of the artist in question. The more I understand the artists work, the more I am capable of making better decisions that lead to overcome design problems.

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