Blake Belladonna (RWBY) - LeFebvre Inceptionism


Blake Belladonna (RWBY) - LeFebvre Inceptionism

Brushes, Prints & more:
Finally got around to finish this double-fanart of Blake from RWBY!
This is also based on the painting "Judith" from Jules LeFebvre 1892, the original can be seen here:

Really wanted to learn his brush strokes and lighting through an inception piece, it took around 30 hours or so over 3 months to finish. The hardest part for such an inceptionism to happen is finding the right base-painting for the right characters, and in case of RWBY, there are 4 of them ;)

If you do´t understand a word, I just want to learn and keep the fun up by combining exisiting paintings with fanart of popular characters.

If you don't know RWBY, you can watch the full series for free here:

Painting process and mid-res version for Patrons at the beginning of April, ...aaaand Patrons see it first ;)


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