Babydoll Anchors A Wow
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Babydoll Anchors A Wow


Part of a new series I´m tinkering with for study of course: Cheesecake Heroines
It combines Fanart and master studies, and girls of course - three things that keep me going...

Elvgren study mashed up with Sucker Punch ;)

That was lots of fun and I learned a lot. For this one I strived to keep the stroke and lighting from the Elvgren painting and the likeness of Emily Browning. Not insisting on a perfect style copy here. With the sword I tried to add something new to the scene which benefits the composition.

The next one is going to be more experimental with the Elvgren likeness - stay tuned;)

The painting was done from scratch and is not an overpaint.

As always, my dear patrons will get:

- Hi-Res JPEG version
- PSD version with layers and commentary
- Process steps

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