Monument #1 - Lighting Study
Monument #1 - Lighting Study

Brushes, Prints & more:
This one is inspired by Craig Mullins a bit, but rather me pushing myself to do more lighting relevant studies from imagination.
Rough edgy like the landscape pieces… this one started as a warm-up piece, and ended up taking around 6 hours.

So I came up with the idea of big robot parts that are celebrated as monuments in a fictional town, maybe I´ll do a series of these as this stuff comes easy to me.

Once in a while it occurs that my background and work experience in construction-equipment is useful:P

Find an animated process slide attached to this post on my patreon page:

Patrons will receive hires version and PSD and my painterly brushes. Have to tweak them a bit but will release them within the next couple of days.
And welcome new patrons!


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