Heterochromia Process Slides


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"In anatomy, heterochromia (ancient Greek: ἕτερος, héteros, different + χρώμα, chróma, color[1]) is a difference in coloration, usually of the iris but also of hair or skin." Source: Wikipedia

Late evening impressionism portrait study, inspired by Jeffrey Catherine Jones.
Really loved to push the edges with this one, something I struggle a lot with.
I used an iPad app called "Circular" for the prominent texture, which is actually a cannibalized previous portrait that turned into that texture, but that is how things go, you have to destroy one to create another one ;)

I hope you like!
Patrons receive hi-res JPEG and process GIF in the beginning of march.

Not sure if there will be another one this month, since I'm knee-deep in preparations for the next Comic-Con in Rotterdam.

All the best and thanks for your support!
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