Mortal Engine: Luxembourg

Mortal Engine Luxemburg concept slides

This is a new and not so new landscape piece. Not so new because I painted it between October and December last year - actually before the movie Mortal Engines came out. It was an interesting opportunity because this is the promotional poster for an event called Luxcon which comes up in about 4 weeks from now in Luxembourg.
The Landscape is again based on a Bierstadt Landscape which is altered in a way that the engine fits better. The Machine needed a landscape that gives a lot of room and dimension to breathe and so the Landscape below from Albert Bierstadt enriched the whole scene.
I don't know how the Mortal Engines movie was received, only that it was not that successful, however, I still like the idea of the cities on tanks just like the Churchtank from Kris Kuksi - it is just a fun thing to do and fits my world view perfectly ;)

Below you can see a video with process slides.

March 19, 2019