Joker VS. Batman / after Krueger
Oliver wetter krueger joker

Joker VS. Batman - after Krueger

Oliver wetter joker and batman1 process small

Process Gif (small)

Oliver wetter joker and batman underpainting small

Underpainting (small)

Joker VS. Batman / after Krueger


Another double tribute - seems like I´ve got a run ;) this time after the hero of my youth: Sebastian Krüger who did the Rolling Stones with the original composition. I simply made use of this pose and painting style to bring Batman into a new light ;)
I really learned a lot by this. All done in Photoshop. Brushes used from my toolset which you can find here:
Hope you like.
As always, patrons will get hi-res underpainting, hi-res final version, PSD, and a bigger / better Process Gif
Cheers, fant

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