Hybrid Wings - Fantasy Mercy
Oliver wetter wallpaper mercy1 4 v2 final 3 reduced

Landscape format

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2017 12 05 um 16 14 49

Here you see my inspiration/moodboard for this piece

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2017 12 05 um 16 26 16

The wing design and suit was inspired by some of my older works.

fantasy mercy process slides

Oliver wetter web hochformat mercy1 4 v2 final 3 reduced

Portrait format crop

Hybrid Wings - Fantasy Mercy

Instagram: http://instagram.com/arsfantasio

This one was suggested to do by many and it is long overdue :P .
I had many ideas for her (and still have) so this might be just the first incarnation in which I tried and learned several things in digital painting.
A short list of things I learned by doing this below:

• Understanding, light, shadow and ambient occlusion ✓
• Painting White cloth in bright daylight (ugh) ✓
• Make mechanical and organic parts look cohesive + believable ✓
• Painting a skin/theme that speaks visually fantasy and elegance ✓
• Painting a living figure in a landscape ✓
• Make materials look believable ✓
• Not painting Pink Cherry Blossom Leaves ✓
• Hide a silly Stork figure in a painting ✓

The main pose was inspired by the Magic the gathering piece of Bastien Lecouffe Deharme. But instead of a dark look, I wanted to go with a Studio Ghibli kind of vibe.
Full explanation on my patreon: m/posts/mercy-hybrid-15719496

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