Android Legacy III Advanced Photoshop Workshop
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Android Legacy III

Oliver wetter step 07 2

Sculptris bust modeled around the given photograph

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Sculptris render and photograph base composite

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Work in progress

Oliver wetter advanced photoshop issue 100

Advanced Photoshop Magazine #100

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Article Spread of the magazine

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The piece was also used on the "Professional Photoshop Book" Published by Imagine Publishing.

Android Legacy III Advanced Photoshop Workshop


This image of a cyborg that matches the style of my Android Legacy piece, is a workshop I´ve done a while ago for the 100th issue of the Advanced Photoshop magazine, a truly memorable number.

The same piece was also used as cover for the "Professional Advanced Photoshop Book"

I used Sculptris to create a 3d model bust, that was used to lay over the photoshop image.
There was a photograph given by the publisher to work with, but since it was for a Photoshop, photo manipulation workshop, that was a hit home for me.

The printed version of the mag is out of stock, but you can get a digital copy of the magazine issue here:


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