Android Legacy: Antares 101
Oliver wetter concept1 pose2 7 1 final preview

Final Work

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2019 09 13 um 15 20 23

Close -up

Oliver wetter concept1 pose2 3 preview

Preliminary composing

Oliver wetter concept1 pose3

very early concept

Oliver wetter bildschirmfoto 2018 05 29 um 17 06 41

Zbrush test render with polypaint

Android Legacy: Antares 101


This was a collaboration/commission piece with Christian Andersen and Lira Yin for a music project album called Antares 101 - The Fall which is set to be release on Monday, September 09.

On Monday you can get the full album here:
Their Spotify can be found here:

And you can follow The Musician here on Instagram:

And the singer Lira Yin:

Below are some work-in-progress-screenshots. This piece was actually finished last year but I had to wait for my release when the album comes out.

More artwork
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