Luna & Nova :: Riding with the Whales
Luna & Nova :: Riding with the Whales

Long time silence, really sorry about this - it has been a busy ride the last couple of months and I can say it feels a bit like this image looks ;)
I did that as part of the Artist Grant back in 2020 and it was based on a painting by Edward Compton. Don't know why I did not posted it earlier, maybe because the title would go too far in the NFT-direction which I did not want to be associated with.

There is actually no big story about why Luna and her friends are riding alongside a flying Whale on what seems to be a a rocket-driven hover-scooter - but as you may have correctly guessed, that vehicle is "Schroedinger in disguise".

I really look forward to the day that book is written, unfortunately that means I would need to start writing... ahhh nevermind ;)

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