Ruby Rose - after Godward
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Ruby Rose

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Original from J.W. Godward 1895

Ruby Rose - after Godward


Another RWBY-piece in a long time, since the demand was so huge at the two recent conventions, I decided to paint the main-protagonist this time.
As another "handpainted-inceptionism" - piece, this one is also a double fanart and the artwork / pose credits got to John William Godward who created that piece below in around 1895.

My take is a bit more free, but I borrowed heavily from the colors and the stance. It was an interesting study because of the subtle paint strokes. My previous work has very much helped me in recreating that look. I found it partially that it is very similar to the look Gil Elvgren achieved in his works. Since I studied both, to me it seems to be very realistic that Elvgren learned a few things from Godward too ;)

Other than that, I hope you like my rendition which was also released first at the Comic Con in Stuttgart and then Patreon.

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