Seraphim: Vampire Saga Book Cover Series
Oliver wetter cover scn final 21 6x13 7 ohne font

Final cover art

Oliver wetter cover scn final 21 6x13 7 mit font

Final cover art with Text

Oliver wetter stadium2

Process #1: Detailed Sketch

Oliver wetter stadium3

Process #2: Detailed value Sketch

Oliver wetter stadium4

Process #3: Rough Color Sketch

Oliver wetter stadium5

Process #4: Detailed Color Sketch

Oliver wetter stadium7

Process #5:

Oliver wetter stadium8

Process #6

Oliver wetter stadium10

Process #7

Oliver wetter stadium12

Process #8

Oliver wetter seraphim carpe noctem final e1305648566811

Final Book including flaps + Bookmarks + Business card

Oliver wetter schritt 11

Book 2 Cover Art

Oliver wetter schritt 11 1

Book 2 Cover Process Breakdown

Oliver wetter sera bk 3 4 klein typo

Book 3 Cover Art

Oliver wetter alle zusammen

Book 3 Cover Process Breakdown

Oliver wetter flyer six back klein

All books side-by-side (flyer)

Seraphim: Vampire Saga Book Cover Series


This is some older illustration work that I have enjoyed doing for author Sandra Baumgärtner.

Since I work on Book 4 right now, the series is still going and therefore relevant to me.
I hope the breakdown of the process below and the coherence of the visual style throughout the series blows away any doubt you might have in hiring a professional illustrator for your next book cover project ;)

My work involved doing the conceptional aspect, the typography, the pre-press design work, wrap around layout, bookmark designs, we-bbanner design, businesscard design and some other promotional work related to the book art.

More artwork
Oliver wetter cover cropped to 8 5x11 96dpi signed for webOliver wetter law of nature lOliver wetter lexus death by lingerie cover wrap logo