Preparing to Sing you a Song
Oliver wetter k2so angel2 final small

The final piece without frame.

Oliver wetter k2so angel2 card web kopie

Sharing of the framed version is definitely encouraged;)

Preparing to Sing you a Song


Thomas Blackshear Inceptionism & K2S0 Double Fan Art + Holiday Card

Finally, after finishing Con-season for this year, I'm signing off with a last piece and my annual Christmas Card for 2017...
A tribute to an interesting Artist Thomas Blackshear and your favorite Robot from the previous Star Wars Movie K2S0 ;)

There is a lot that can be said, reflecting about the past year. Some more thoughts can be read on my patreon post with this card here:

If you did not get my personal holiday email, you can read more on that patreon post and follow me there.
Now have a safe holiday season and I wish you all the best start into 2018 with health and fortune as much as you can carry ;)

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