When Worlds Collide - 2017 Edit
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Version 2017

Oliver wetter when worlds collide by fantasio d19gugv

Version 2008

When Worlds Collide - 2017 Edit

Instagram: http://instagram.com/arsfantasio

While its stylistic inspired by high fantasy, my intention was to put the fantasy cliche a bit into question.
Before I uploaded this in the existing version, I decided to use my knowledge in composition a bit to enhance this from the 2008 version.

As for the theme:
Wherever possible I try to mix the common with the uncommon, in this case the impossible presence of the “Ninja-assassin” who breaks into the realms of fantasy. 

The most difficult part was to find the perfect balance; in terms of composition, to make it look like a surprise and equally dynamic but also to keep it serious and not look like parody. I love to give an entrance into a work similar to an architect, yet the fine artist in me strives for the happy accidents.

few references used:
arya-dwipangga / Kittyd-Stock / sxc.hu
9mm-stock / asvison-stock

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