Forest of Daleks after Shishkin
Oliver wetter forest of daleks shishkin web wallp

Forest of Daleks

Oliver wetter basic enclosures

Circular enclosures

Oliver wetter gamut base

Base Gamut & triangular enclosure

Oliver wetter gamut

New directional Gamut

Oliver wetter details close up


Forest of Daleks after Shishkin


This time I have another Ancient Kaiju Piece, this work is based on an Ivan Shishkin painting from 1891 called "Rain in an Oak Forest".

Since everyone is doing the Tardis, I decided to go another way with this piece - which does not mean I will never do the Tardis, but I just wanted to put out a statement along with this ;)

In the following I show you what I have found in terms of composition. If you want to get a better grasp about composition I recommend that you get my ebook about that matter:

In the original painting from around 1891 I found some circular enclosures - a lot to say the least.
These enclosures ensure that you - the viewer - stay in the painting.

If you go the route you will also find an infinity symbol ∞ which adds to the Dr. Who theme.
The gamut of direction is visible in the tree, the comparison shows how I add to the same gamut directions of the original painting.

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