Fark Trek
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final fark-trek illustration

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concept sketches

Oliver wetter fark trek skizze1 2 klein

first draft

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revised color draft

Fark Trek

Instagram: http://instagram.com/arsfantasio

A rather classy fantasy piece. I did this for an anthology cover that will be promoted at a charity event for a good cause.
The idea was to gather a group of fantasy creatures around a small crater that represents a special meteor/gem that changes the world as we know it.
Resources I used came from: http://mizzd-stock.deviantart.com/ and http://arya-poenya-stock.deviantart.com/ for the human/ dwarf.
Dragon inspired and based on mountain dragon by Protofactor. inc.
Werewolf inspired from https://sketchfab.com/dmimr
The gnome is inspired by a 3d concept from Sketchfab (which I don't know the name) but I know it is also based on a sketch from an artist from deviantArt...
Grass in front was done with help from Pixelsquid.
Background is stock from Pexels.

I hope you like.

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