The Disquisition
Oliver wetter die prufung klein

The disquisition

Oliver wetter die prufung close up2

Close-up #1

Oliver wetter die prufung close up

Close-up #2

The Disquisition


"...the escape from gravity is the last and most difficult of all the disquisitions to be a modern angel, one has to deny all physics for at least a few seconds out of the mind..."
the apprentice

The process here is hard to specify, but overall "painting" fits as an essential part, the base is a mix of traditional 3d sculpting, photo-composite and painting.

Inspired by some modern Masters like Pascal Blanche and Michael Parkes and a tribute to some classical artists, this piece took me one whole week on-and-off!

The lighting and anatomy was a kind of experiment here, but think i have managed it to look believable. If one takes a while looking on it, its possible to think that its like a castle in the sky with open ceiling(like also the left lower corner is suggesting)

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